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Resisting Revolution: A Cuba Libre Expansion (PREORDER)
Resisting Revolution: A Cuba Libre Expansion

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 Ages:  -- and up 
 Players:  1 - 4 
 Playing Time:  60 - 180 mins 



Note: Resisting Revolution is compatible with all printings of Cuba Libre. The Solitaire System included in Resisting Revolution is for Resisting Revolution only and cannot be used to play Cuba Libre.

A copy of Cuba Libre will be necessary to play the Resisting Revolution expansion.

Resisting Revolution is a sequel expansion to Volko Ruhnke & Jeff Grossman’s Cuba Libre, covering the period from the rebel victory in 1959 through to the climactic showdown with the US in 1962. During this time, the new regime became increasingly alienated from the US, began to grow closer to the Soviet Union, and faced internal dissent from several sectors of Cuban society. The main expansion game charts the processes and actors that shaped Cuba during this period of struggle, with four players controlling either the new revolutionary Government, US-backed attempts to destabilise and overthrow the government, the growing Soviet influence and eventually military presence on the island, or the urban and rural Resistance to the revolution.

The expansion also includes a two-player minigame exploring hypothetical variants of the failed Bay of Pigs invasion, a new three-player scenario for the original Cuba Libre game, and sixteen new Event cards for Cuba Libre that are compatible with either the three-player scenario or the normal four-player game. These additional scenarios and Event cards, combined with a Jacquard card-based non-player system for the main expansion game, will provide options for all player counts and breathe fresh life into the classic and much-loved Cuba Libre COIN experience.


  • Deck of 51 playing cards (Resisting Revolution Events and Propaganda)
  • Deck of 32 playing cards (Days of Pigs Events and Invasions)
  • Deck of 16 playing cards (new Cuba Libre base game Events)
  • Deck of 14 playing cards (Resisting Revolution non-player system)
  • 5 double-sided color 11” x 17” foldout player aids
  • 8 double-sided color 8½” x 11” player aids 
  • 2½ countersheets (US & Soviet Escalation, Regime Stability, Intel & Materiel, and 2 & 3 player Initiative track overlay tiles, Resisting Revolution counters)
  • Expansion Rulebook
  • Bonus Scenarios Booklet
  • Expansion Playbook
  • Non-player Rulebook

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