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These are discounted items.* 

These are brand new copy that have only sustained minor damage in transit.  Board games in this category have been discounted from our already low prices. We do not sell games with damaged components, so you can rest assured that any "Ding & Dent" item you buy will be fully playable, with only exterior box damage.  Ding & Dent items are non-refundable.

We will try, wherever possible, to make clear the nature of the box damage.



Dings & Dents - Discounts

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Back to the Future: Back in Time (DENTED)

You Save 29.00%

Empyreal: Spells & Steam (DENTED)

You Save 31.28%

Lost Ruins of Arnak (DAMAGED)

You Save 32.05%

Tiny Epic Kingdoms (2nd Edition) (DENTED BOX)

You Save 33.42%

Traintopia (DENTED CORNER)

You Save 31.31%


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