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Invincible: Escape from Mars
Invincible: Escape from Mars

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 Ages:   10 and up 
 Players:   4 - 10 
 Playing Time:   20 - 45 mins 


Invincible: Escape from Mars is a social deduction game for 4-10 players where your objective is to find your teammates, get on the rocket, and escape from Mars. But loyalties can change at any moment, including your own!

Based on the hit animated series from Robert Kirkman, Corey Walker, and Ryan Ottley, this game puts you in the position of either a hero or an astronaut attempting to escape Mars and make it back to Earth without bringing a world-destroying parasite home with you. No pressure!

Each round players will be faced with an obstacle that they must overcome as a group. On their turn, a player may contribute a card to the obstacle, place a card on their own personal setback, or play a card for a special ability. At the end of each round players will resolve the obstacle in either an astronaut victory, a sequid victory, or a neutral outcome. If the astronauts or sequids achieve 3 victories they immediately win. If neither team reaches 3 victories before round seven, players have a chance to launch the rocket. Every player that has completed their personal setback boards the rocket and attempt to make it back to Earth. Before the launch though, players will have one final chance to vote off any infected players that have infiltrated the rocket.

Depending on skill level, players may elect to play a simple game as an astronaut trying to escape Mars, or a more challenging game as one of 9 unique superheros attempting to protect those astronauts. Superheroes have more power, but they’re playing a tougher game. You know what they say about power, responsibility, etc. Each player’s choice to be an astronaut or hero makes no change to the overall balance of the game!

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