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Dungeons & Dragons: Dungeon Scrawlers - Heroes of Undermountain
Dungeons & Dragons: Dungeon Scrawlers - Heroes of Undermountain

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 Ages:  -- and up 
 Players:  2 - 4
 Playing Time:  10 mins 

In Dungeon Scrawlers, you and other adventurers are drawn together to delve into the Undermountain, an immense underground of dungeons created by the Mad Mage, Halaster Blackcloak. Use your markers to defeat Monsters, cast Spells, connect Artifact Fragments, and collect shiny Treasure! The player with the most points after exploring three dungeons is the winner!



To defeat a Monster, you need to draw over it and fully cover the Monster. Each defeated Monster awards you with 1VP.

There are three types of Spells. To cast a Spell, you need to trace it with your marker. Each Spell cast awards you with 1VP. There are three types of Treasure that are all outlined in yellow.

To collect a Treasure, you need to trace its outline with your marker. Each Treasure you collect awards you with 1VP.

To gather the Artifact Fragments, you need to connect the stones in order. For every 3 stones you connect correctly, you are awarded with 1VP.

To collect an Exotic Plant, you need go through it with your marker. Each Exotic Plant you collect awards you with 1VP.

To defeat the mighty Bosses, you need to cover them with your marker, similarly to how you would interact with a Monster. Covering a Boss ends the Dungeon scrawl unless noted otherwise on the Dungeon sheet. The amount of points you get after defeating a Boss is different in each dungeon and is listed on its sheet.


At the beginning of the game, each player gets a Character. Each Character has a special ability that allows them to deal with some of the elements in a more efficient way:

Rogue: You only need to touch a Treasure to collect it.

Ranger: Exotic Plants you collect are worth 2VP instead of 1VP.

Cleric: When collecting Artifact Fragments, you may connect the stones in any order.

Wizard: Instead of tracing a Spell to cast it, you may draw a small circle inside it.

Barbarian: When fighting Monsters, you only need to cover their head to defeat them. This ability does not work against Bosses.

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