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Five Parsecs From Home
Five Parsecs From Home

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 Ages:  -- and up 
 Players:  1
 Playing Time:  -- mins 

Five Parsecs From Home is a solo adventure game where your own crew of humans, robots and aliens take to the stars, find jobs, get into fights and encounter the strange things the galaxy has to offer.

Battles are procedurally generated with a huge array of combinations of enemies, weapons, battlefield circumstances and objectives whether fighting rivals or carrying out jobs.  With each encounter you earn experience and loot, progressing your crew and story as you send your crew to look for contacts, trade, explore the colony, recruit replacements or train up their skills. The game is playable with any miniatures you have on hand and requires only a small number to get started, making it ideal for both experienced and new science fiction gamers.  Create a wide range of characters whether human, alien or robot.  Generate a huge array of possible missions, with more than 50 enemy types.  After each battle, check for injuries, level up, find new gear or upgrade your starship.  Random tables for towns, trade, jobs, character events and starship travel.  5 difficulty settings plus super-hard Black and Red Zone jobs.  Extensive options for Game Mastered RPG-like campaigns with connected plots, environmental hazards and factional conflict.

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