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Dishonored: The Roleplaying Game - Corebook
Dishonored: The Roleplaying Game - Corebook

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In Dishonored: The Roleplaying Game, players delve into the turbulent Empire of the Isles, to tell stories of occult lore, intrigue and drama. The Dishonored Corebook contains all the rules and background information you need to kickstart your adventure. 

The book features:

•An introduction to the Empire of the Isles, and an in-depth look at its history, its people and the struggles they face.

•A step-by-step guide to play the role of the Protagonists: from grim assassins and rugged criminals, to intrepid explorers and stoic crown loyalists.

•A host of antagonists and a myriad different storyhooks to inspire you, from the harsh, cold lands of Tyvia to sunny Karnaca.

•Insight on the strange nature of the Void, as well as rules to harness the its reality-bending powers.

•"The Oil Trail", a mini-campaign in four acts that serves as a perfect introduction to the City of Dunwall.

Name : Bradley Reid
Location : south Australia
Title : Review of the Dishonored roleplaying game
Review : I have only read the book not run a game in it yet. It uses a 2d20 system The good - The art looks really good - Chaos system where if the players go around killing people or just by doing something chaotic they add to the DM chaos pool. -The lore section is alright if you have never played any of the video games since you can play before or after the events of the first or second games since it gives a run down of events by the year they happen. - The book is very light to hold since it's not as wide or long as other books which also makes it take less room on the shelf and makes it easy if you need to take the book with you to a game that takes place somewhere else that is not your home. - each NPC and enemy in the book has a small section that tells you plot hooks and where you may find them. The BAD - So far i have only seen 2 typos in the book which is not that bad but their may be more that i have not seen - i wish there were more void powers, bone charms and items in the book but what is there is okay. - each chapter in the book is kinda small but what is there is very useful and does make it easier to find things in the book. I hope the void powers and equipment gets expanded on if there are more books. conclusion I like the book and i think it would be good if your a fan of the dishonored games

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