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Kami-Sama: The Awakened
Kami-Sama: The Awakened
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 Ages:  14 and up 
 Players:  2 - 4
 Playing Time:  60 - 90 mins 


This expansion for Kami-sama includes a number of stretch goals that were unlocked during the Kami-sama Kickstarter campaign. Included in the expansion are eight (8) kami, two (2) villagers, and the Kamidana variant (which includes 4 new shrines and goals to go along with them).

Kami included:
- Ushin, the kami of music
- Jikan, the kami of travel
- Unbu, the kami of luck
- Eshi, the kami of love
- Matchi, the kami of green tea
- Himitsu, the kami of secrets
- Kaitomoshi, the kami of lanterns
- Ishikawa, the kami of frogs

Villagers included are the Miko and the Settler (4 cards of each, one for each village).

Kamidana components include:
- 4 special shrines (1 each of copper, brass, gold, and silver)
- 4 special goal cards for these shrines
- A rules and reference card for the variant gameplay

This expansion is packaged separately from the base game and will be available after Kickstarter through Kolossal Games a conventions and through their web store.

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