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Pre-Orders & Special Orders


  • Pre-Order items are not currently in stock but can be reserved for purchase prior to its release date.  The Product Information will provide an estimated delivery date

  • Pre-Orders are processed and shipped within three (3) working days after the product’s release date

  • In the case that your order includes Pre-Order and In-Stock items, all In-Stock items will be reserved and shipped along with the Pre-Order item(s) when available. However, we could not hold such orders indefinitely. {(a) In the event pre-orders are foreseen to be delayed substantially, your instock will be shipped first.}  In-Stock items which you require to be delivered or delivered due to situation mentioned a); before the estimated delivery date (or thereafter) of the Pre-Order item(s) will need to be processed as a separate order and shipping fees will be calculated and charged accordingly. Pre-order are subject to changes in shipping conditions. Delivery dates are indicative and subject to change.

    Your credit card wil be charged immediately upon a purchase of a pre-order. Hence, we usually offer a special discounted price for your pre-orders. That way you could ensure your copy with some savings. We do not intend to hold up your pre-orders if we do not have copies in the date indicated for goods arrivals. More information can be found on the Pre-orders page


  • Special-Order items are not currently in stock but may be requested.  The product description will provide an estimated delivery date

  • Email us at if you would like to purchase a product not currently available on the website and we will try our best to find it for you

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