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The Spiel des Jahres and Kinderspiel des Jahres juries have announced their 2016 nominations for the largest awards in board gaming.

The nominees for Spiel des Jahres, Germany's "Game of the Year" award, are:

Codenames, by Vlaada Chvátil and Czech Games Edition 
Imhotep, by Phil Walker-Harding and KOSMOS 
Karuba, by Rüdiger Dorn and HABA

They have also issued a a recommended list which includes five other titles:

• Agent Undercover (a.k.a. Spyfall)
Animals on Board
Die Fiesen 7

Nominations for the Kennerspiel des Jahres (or "Enthusiast Game of the Year") have also been published

Isle of Skye: From Chieftain to King, by Andreas Pelikan, Alexander Pfister and Lookout Games
Pandemic Legacy: Season 1, by Matt Leacock, Rob Daviau and Z-Man Games
T.I.M.E Stories, by Manuel Rozoy and Space Cowboys

There is also a recommended list for Enthusiast level games :

7 Wonders: Duel
Blood Rage

The Kinderspiel des Jahres jury has is a separate panel dedicated to finding the "Children's Game of the Year". Their nominations are as follows:

Leo muss zum Friseur (Leo Goes to the Barber), by Leo Colovini and ABACUSSPIELE
Mmm!, by Reiner Knizia and Pegasus Spiele
Stone Age Junior  (My First Stone Age), by Marco Teubner and Hans im Glück

And finally there is a recommended Kinderspiel list:

Burg Flatterstein (a.k.a. Flutterstone Castle)
Burg Schlummerschatz (a.k.a. Sleepy Castle)
Die geheimnisvolle Drachenhöhle (a.k.a. The Mysterious Dragon Cave)
Dschungelbande (Jungle Band)
Harry Hopper
Mein Schatz
Sag's mir! Junior (a.k.a. Time's Up! Kids)

Advent Games will be working to bring you as many of these titles as possible over the next few weeks. Meanwhile, below are the currently listed items on the site, and there should be lots of the Children's games coming in the next few weeks.

Happy Gaming!



Spiel Des Jahres - 2016

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