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Deluxe Board Game Train Sets - The Complete Set
Deluxe Board Game Train Sets - The Sunset

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Beautiful miniatures make board games more immersive and fun.

Games who love fantasy, horror, or science fiction can find dozens of board games with gorgeous plastic miniatures of monsters, warriors, zombies, and spaceships.

Today, you can even find board games with multicolored pre-painted minis instead of gray plastic ones!

But what about those of who love train games? Are we, forever doomed to play out beloved train games with cubes, discs, wooden meeples, and boring single-color plastic trains?

Not anymore!

The deluxe Board Game Train Set can be used to upgrade the trains in many popular train games including:

  • Ticket To Ride
  • Railways of the World
  • Irish Gauge
  • Ride the Rails
  • Whistle Stop
  • Empyreal: Spells and Steam
  • Trains
  • Age of Steam
  • And many more!

The Complete Set includes all 5 Deluxe Board Game Train Sets - each individual set includes:

  • 48 beautiful, highly-detailed plastic trains
  • 1 stackable score marker
  • 1 metal tin with original artwork by artist Julianne Griepp

We know that your shelf space is limited, so each set has been designed to take up as little space as possible.

And Ticket to Ride fans – rejoice! Our tins fit perfectly into the plastic insert that comes with most standalone Tick to Ride games.

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