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Welcome to New Las Vegas
Welcome to New Las Vegas

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 Ages:  10 and up 
 Players:  1 - 50
 Playing Time:  35 mins 


Rediscover the joy of Welcome To… with a new theme and new mechanisms in Welcome To...: New Las Vegas!

The game plays with a set of two different sheets — one dedicated to the map, the other used to keep track of the score and objectives — where you have to build and open casinos in the streets and hotels in avenues, create golf courses, give performances to the tourists, and move limousines for V.I.P.s in order to build the greatest and most entertaining city and win the game!

Welcome To...: New Las Vegas keeps the same roll-and-write dice-without-dice mechanism from Welcome to your new home: You flip cards from three piles to make three different action sets with both a casino number and a corresponding action from which everyone chooses one; you use the number to fill in a casino on your street in numerical order. And everyone is racing to be the first to complete public goals. There's lots to do and many paths to becoming the best resort architect in Welcome To...: New Las Vegas!

Because of the communal actions, game play is simultaneous and thus supports large groups of players. With many varying strategies and completely randomized action sets, no two games will feel the same!

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