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 Ages:  13 and up 
 Players:  2 - 4 
 Playing Time:  60 mins 

This is where the adventure begins!
Chests full of gold are buried in the jungle – rumors have it that one of them is hidden next to a hut near the island’s largest mountain. Another is hidden where the roar of an untamed river can be heard, it is said. Through the fronds of a palm tree, the proud gaze of a mysteriously scrunching statue casts its spell on the unwary treasure hunter …

Welcome to Tobago!
The attractive, top-quality game pieces on the lovingly illustrated game board give the impression of a true mysterious treasure island. Each player contributes valuable clues, which determine where the treasures are located. The excitement mounts as the adventurers strive to be the first to arrive at the treasure sites. The 3-piece game board with its innovative design can be set up with 32 different scenarios, each providing fun and a new challenge.



Rahdo Runs Through - Tobago

Dean's Note:  Sitting comfortably within my Top 10, Tobago is that rare breed of game that provides something unique. The components are glorious, the sheer joy of creating treasure maps, then driving your ATV around an island to collect the treasure and hope you don't get cursed by gold you're unearthing... but the standouts are the Tikis or Moais... the stone statues. Whenever a treasure is found, the players turn these with (and the rules state) 'a grinding noise' to face a new direction, and spit amulets. Sean introduced this to me and I'm delighted to now have it as part of my collection. It's an excellent game for both adults and children alike. It will leave you thinking "That was too short!" and wanting to play again. I highly recommend it. 


Name : Helen
Location : Canberra
Title : Great Family Game
Review : Love this game, unique gameplay and great components.

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